Not your grandparents modular home!

Modern modular homes with the advent of engineered lumber can be built to match any floor plan and can save you an average of 10% compared to conventional construction in the field.

C.M. Chartier is a proud dealer of Westchester Modular. We partner with them from design, to installation and finish details.

Westchester homes invites you to view their website to see plans and pictures of an array of different types of construction from multi-family’s to ranches, capes and different designs.

Modular Home Can Help You Save!

Modular homes can save you 10% compared to conventional construction in the field. Why are modular homes cheaper? Westchester is an employee-owned company in upper New York and since everything is factory-built they have the steps down to a science. This mass-production equals savings on labor, materials and waste which then equals savings for you and your family.

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