About Us

At C.M. Chartier, we understand that good work involves more than just good workmanship. That’s why we only hire people we would want working in our own homes or offices. In addition to getting good results, our team members take pride in treating you and your project with respect every step of the way. C. M. Chartier team members are expected to be polite, professional, clean, and competent, and that is what you can expect to experience when you hire us. The field of construction has experienced major innovations since we began operating in 2008, and C. M. Chartier has innovated right along with it. Embracing new techniques and materials is one way we give customers the best product possible. No matter how much new technology we use, however, we will never replace the time-tested principle that has always driven us. We will always put you – the customer – first!

Our Process


The design phase is the first critical step towards any successful project. We work with you personally during this meticulous process in order to ensure competitive pricing, guarantee the final product is exactly what you envision, and craft accurate estimates. After the blueprints have been established, a contract is signed to solidify that you will incur no additional costs beyond the estimate total, while the project remains within the original scope. Prior to the project’s commencement, a concrete project time line will be provided so you can feel confident that your investment is well planned and able to be delivered on time and on budget.


Our construction process exemplifies the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, and communication. Our level of professionalism means that any worker in a C.M. Chartier uniform will be neat and unobtrusive whenever we enter your home. You’ll never have to listen to loud music or profanity while staff is on the job. Most importantly, our team consists of honest experts. There is zero risk to your valuables or personal possessions; rest assured that the home you’ve made will be the house we respect. Lastly, expect direct and clear communication from our entire crew. We want you to ask questions, allow us to explain our work and get involved as much as you are comfortable with. All technical details of the process are for us to know and for you to enjoy the results.


We guarantee that you will be happy at the end of your project. We can be sure of this because we will not cease until you are fully satisfied. Our goal is to leave you with a quality finished project that will attractively live well beyond its investment value for years to come.